Sat 2nd October 2010 | 14.00-18.00
SPACE | 129-131 Mare Street | Hackney

Sidsel Christensen | Blue Firth & Mark Pilkington | Ben Judd | Felix Lee Matthew MacKisack | Susan MacWilliam | Jacqui Mcintosh

As part of Charlie Woolley's solo exhibition Mysterious Cults and his ongoing digital Radio Show project, Five Storey Projects hosts a radio take over day. Continuously broadcasting from the exhibition, the event will operate in two parallels; a public exhibition space and a broadcasted exhibition space.

Acknowledging the insistence and operations of communication within the gallery space, Five Storey Projects composes an immersive environment that produces and challenges conceptual and alternative perception. Questioning how artistic practice may be an illustration or extension of concerns explored within the boundaries of the cult, the event explores the possibilities that lie within the creative, mystic and engaged process of music, art and philosophy. Music and sound pioneers our exploration between the ideological belief systems which exist in peripheral social systems (such as the art world), and who often develop complex ideas and value systems of their own. Pushing, often to the extremes, the limits of how one may experience or perceive, the event will investigate the transcendental and transformative qualities of the unknown, proposing that these shared experiences can be used for change.

Are You Experienced (?) oscillates in two juxtaposed spaces: the first a critical, discursive space that challenges whether ‘you are experienced’, the second is an evocative, immersive space which invites you simply to experience.


14.10 Matthew MacKisack Hörspiel (The Tribulations of Usefulness)
14.45 Jacqui Mcintosh In Conversation
15.10 Susan MacWilliam In Conversation
15.30 Matthew MacKisack Arguing in Tongues
16.00 Ben Judd Correspondences- An Exercise in Unity
16.30 Blue Firth & Mark Pilkington Discuss Vigil - a paranormal investigative performance
16.50 Sidsel Christensen Britney Spears - Sexually motivated and the Black Hole consequence
17.30 Felix Lee Live

All events will take place inside the Energy Booster, a work by by Una Hamilton Helle.

Listen to the radio show here: